“Move with Confidence Again: Personalised Physiotherapy in Wantage

Our experienced physiotherapists offer comprehensive solutions to help you recover from injury, surgery, or chronic pain. We utilise a range of proven techniques, including:

Mobilisation techniques: gently restoring joint movement and flexibility
Massage therapy: relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation
Myofascial release: addressing trigger points and fascial restrictions
Electrotherapy: reducing pain and inflammation whilst encouraging healing.
Personalised exercises and stretches: strengthening muscles and improving functional movement.
Shockwave therapy: effectively treating chronic tendon injuries.

We specialise in treating a wide range of conditions, including:

Neck and shoulder pain
Elbow and wrist pain
Back and hip pain
Knee and ankle pain
Foot and ankle problems
Sports injuries
Post-surgical rehabilitation
Muscle injuries

Our approach:

Individualised treatment plans: tailored to your specific needs and goals
Hands-on therapy: combined with education and self-management strategies
Focus on function: helping you regain full mobility and confidence in your daily activities
Support throughout your journey: from initial assessment to recovery and beyond

Ready to move with ease again? Contact us today to schedule your physiotherapy appointment in Wantage.”